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panasonic camera issues

Fri May 18, 2007 3:31 pm

Hey guys,

finally took a crack at the cameras on ml lobby..i have the HCM 331's 4 of them around my house. Anyway.. cut this short im having a problem
when in Mlobby the cameras are showing slow motion, not real time like when you load them from a web browser.. are they working the way they should? i thought they should show in real time and they seem like there delayed.. any help on this guys?

wanted to add that i have followed all steps in the ipcamera plug in book and also found a few tips on here that i missed out on for the explorer settings.. please someone help me out on this..


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Clarification on Image Streaming Versus Image Updating

Tue Mar 04, 2008 11:23 am

Just wanted to clarify the differences between the GeoVision and the Panasonic type drivers for MainLobby. It looks like the GeoVision is capable of actually streaming live video to the client using the GeoVision MultiView software with MainLobby whereas the Panasonic type of drivers only update images 1 per second. So, using the GeoVision drivers, I can update real-time (possibly 30 frames per second) on my MainLobby clients) whereas the Panasonic type of cameras can only display one image per second (basically using a stored JPG image).

Am I understanding this correctly?

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