MainLobby 3 Update

Mon May 02, 2005 12:39 pm

I know many of you are concerned about ML3 and it's status. It is still in development and is still aways away from us even setting a target date. I've seen too many times where a company picks a date and is persecuted for not meeting that date. It seems we are seeing the reverse affect of being persecuted for not setting a date. In either case, it seems we can't win.

We've listened to everyone's requests and are trying to squeeze as much functionality into ML3 as possible. Cosemetically we haven't begun to shape the look of the interface. Our focus has been on laying the ground work in the backend. We've learned alot developing ML2 and will continue to enhance it's feature set as much as possible.

We could have taken the approach of holding off on any free updates for the past year and half and called MainLobby 2 thru 2.86 - MainLobby 3. Instead we chose to provide these updates free of charge to our users. If you look at the advances from ML2 to ML2.86 they are quite significant.

It's no surprise that Dan Reicher is no longer with Cinemar due to circumstances beyond his control. We wish him the best of luck. He brought a lot of great ideas to Cinemar and we will continue to develop upon those. MLServer is a clear example and we have a great foundation to build upon. It's plugin architecture allows us an infinite amount of possibilities. An official announcment has not been made because we are working on the next phase of Cinemar's growth which is taking much longer than expected. However, my goal is to keep Cinemar's vision which I initially started running in the right path. Making a quick and dirty decision to appease current users and their request for ML3 is not in the best interest of the users or myself. I ask that everyone be patient during this time.

ML3 is in development by a certified Macromedia Developer - much more proficient than even myself. Other developers have been helping out as well. Take a look at all the new plugins that have really pushed us to the next level.

I've attached a screenshot of the existing ML3 beta designer. The look/feel and anything/everything could change prior to release.

Also keep in mind, from the end user perspective, the differences of ML3 and ML2 will not be revolutionary. So when you are requesting the status of ML3, think of what ML2 is currently lacking. Our goal with ML3 is to make it easier to design screens but the end result, for the most part, will be the same.

Hope this helps put some users at ease.

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