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Temp's not updating?

Thu Apr 28, 2011 9:16 pm

My WeatherLobby has stopped updating the forecast temp's. is it just me? everythign else seems to be working fine - maps, etc

Something is amiss...
The label for one of the items that isnt showing is:
working the variables from the inside out, the MLS shows:
D1 = 1
mlweather_df1_lotemp = blank BUT
mlweather_df1_lotempf = 50

and {{tempsymbol}} doesn't seem to do anything.

There hasn't been a new version of MLWeather in months I have the current 3.90.30 and am using the 28 library. I am 99.999% sure that I have not edited these scenes at all. I am also 99.9% sure that this was working as expected not long ago.

Just trying to figure it out...

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Re: Temp's not updating?

Mon May 09, 2011 12:25 pm


I have the same issue and have discovered that the {{tempsymbol}} variable is no longer being created nor populated by the plugin when the server reboots so as part of the system initialization macro I establish and set the variable. All seems to work fine after that. I know this is a work around and doesn't answer your question, but I too have asked this question and haven't received a response.


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