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now playing tracks overlay

Sun Nov 25, 2018 9:22 am

I just noticed the following glitch on the now playing tracks overlay in modern UI:

If I add a playlist or add an album or two (from the browse overlay), the music starts playing which I presume is default and appropriate behavior, and the "now playing tracks" (which I instead label "queue") overlay displays appropriate values of "xx Tracks" and "Page x of y". However, if I then browse the albums and add another album and then go to the "now playing tracks" overlay, the "xx Tracks" and "Page x of y" labels will not change UNTIL I click on one of the arrows at the top right to advance to the next page. Once I move to the next page, the bottom labels will update to the appropriate values. This caused some confusion initially because when the values didn't change, I thought that the "add album" function was not working properly.

Anyone else notice this? I've downloaded the latest version of modern from the updater.

Thanks for your help

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Re: now playing tracks overlay

Sun Nov 25, 2018 2:42 pm

Just an oversight on my part. The command also needs a Browse~Current added to it so that it forces a browser refresh when the songs get added. I'll correct this in the master.

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