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Sharp TV Command Line Program

Sun Mar 24, 2013 4:13 pm

I wrote this command line program today in about 6 hours because it seemed easier then learning all the IR.

It’s written in Microsoft C# with .NET using VIsual Studio 2010.
I don’t know how to make it a MLServer Plugin.
Maybe someone can tell me.

You can use it as a command line program without MainLobby or any other application.

The command line is
SharpTv <ipaddress> <Port Number> <Command> [<Variable>]

(The Variable is used for commands with multiple inputs, such as volume and channels)

The program is case sensitive, so use the Action Commands as shown in the included spreadsheet or PDF.

For my SharpTV, I set the username and password to blank.
To use the power on/off -- you need to first turn off the power saving feature of the TV with the RSPowerIP command. For my Sharp 80” this means the LED on the front of the TV stays on, though you can force this off from the TV Setup Menu.

I included the source code so you can see I'm not back dooring your system.
I also included a spreadsheet of commands so you can use them for cut and paste needs.

I have not tested all the commands. Only the ones I care about. But they are from the Sharp Manual for my 80inch Model LE844U.
But it can’t hurt anything. If something is wrong with the command to the TV, the response will be ERR.
If you forget the IP Address and Port number before the command it will crash.
Your Fireall or AntiVirus may try to stop it, so you'll need to make a permit.
I am not a professional programmer so I don't have any signing certificates.

If anyone sees a problem let me know.
If anyone sees any typos or command mistakes please let me know.

If someone knows how to take advantage of a slider control to adjust the volume please let me know.

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Re: Sharp TV Command Line Program

Sun Apr 28, 2013 6:48 am

At this point I wouldn't recommend using this for anything other than testing. I found several bugs which I don't plan to fix.

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