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matrix switching in 2019

Wed Jan 16, 2019 3:14 pm

Is there a decent method to encode television, like off the HDMI output on a cable box and stream it to a MyAgent or player controlled under myserver? So each TV in the house only has one connection, to a NUC running myagent.

I suppose the remote control for the guide and jumping commercials would be sluggish and frustrating.

Or does matrix switching over HDMI still provide the best solution for this type of installation?

Hoping someone's been to CES.

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Re: matrix switching in 2019

Thu Jan 17, 2019 10:40 am

Matrix switching in a rack is still the most reliable, highest satisfaction approach.
Sure there are video capture cards (Hauppauge) that can digitize the video for playback via a PC, but that is a fragile chain that has lag due to all the processing.
Add to that the encryption to prevent capture of commercial video adds another layer of issues.

The good news is Allonis is a distributor of AVPro highest quality video switching gear suitable for any high end / commercial installation.
And myServer has drivers for several other matrix switchers (shinybow and others).

There is what's possible, and then there is what you want to live with 24/7.

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