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DIY install on AVSForum

Thu Jun 15, 2017 7:03 am

We recently worked with Hisma on his install.
He documents his experience on AVSForum.
It was an example of a good blend of him having a home recently constructed by a builder, providing the builder's electrical contractor on what wires to put where, and for Hisma doing the equipment installation, and Allonis providing much of the equipment and did the initial programming of the system remotely.

Hisma is now learning the system so he can add new capability in the software on his own as he has time while enjoying his new home listening to their whole house audio system.

Read about it here: ... lonis.html

Thank you Hisma for spending the time to document and share your experience with the AVS crowd. We truly appreciate it.

The myServer product earned lots of initial interest from posts that started on AVSForum. Many of our customers got to know each other there.

Welcome to the Allonis forum!

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Re: DIY install on AVSForum

Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:06 am

Just saw this post after 6 months. No problem David! I've enjoyed using the system tho admittedly I've had some hiccups here and there. But the best thing I did was to break down and learn how maintain the system myself, particularly mydesigner and myserver. I'm not an expert by any means using either, but I've found it's easy enough for any technically competent person to figure out on their own and I got my system tweaked to my personal preferences without any major issues.

Really like the mydesigner setup (once I figured out how to get started). Very intuitive and managed to transition to modernui on my own fairly easily.

Only major thing missing for me now is native alexa support, but I imagine that's coming at some point.

AVSForum is great. Hope your customer base continues to grow since that's good for all of us.

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