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Questions on myAgent Blu-Ray Rip Directory Structures

Wed May 29, 2019 1:17 pm

Hello everyone,

I have been working with myAgent to automatically rip several movies now in DVD and Blu-Ray formats and wondered if the directory structure format can be edited or tweaked in the future.

When I rip a DVD with myAgent it puts all the video files in the movie root directory which works great.
- Norm of the North/[all video TS files]

When I rip a Blu-Ray with myAgent it creates many directories for each movie
- Hotel Transylvania/[blank folder, no files]
- Hotel TransylvaniaANY!/[files on some discs]
- Hotel TransylvaniaBDMV/[all movie video files]
- Hotel TransylvaniaCERTIFICATE/[movie security files]

Basically with myAgent automatic rips for DVDs I get one directory per movie in my movie folder. With Blu-Rays I get between 3 and 5 folders for each movie in my main movie folder.

When I rip a Blu-Ray with AnyDVD HD, I get the same files but all the folders are under the main movie folder. So the BDMV, ANY!, CERTIFICATE, and any other folders are in the main movie folder. This makes a really clean movie folder since every Blu-Ray gets just one main directory.

AnyDVD Blu-Ray rip
- Hotel Transylvania/ANY!/...
- Hotel Transylvania/BDMV/...
- Hotel Transylvania/CERTIFICATE/...

Anyway, I wanted to know if the Blu-Ray rip in myAgent could do something similar by placing all the movie folders under the main movie folder as sub directories in a future update to help organize the main movie storage folder.

Thanks for any feedback,

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Re: Questions on myAgent Blu-Ray Rip Directory Structures

Wed May 29, 2019 5:53 pm

When the Agent starts a copy all it is doing is launching AndDVD.exe /rip. I'm surprised it is doing something different when you are doing it manually.

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