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Granville's Setup

Wed Jan 14, 2004 1:44 am

I've got a Denon AVR-5803 controling 3 Zones. 2 Pioneer PDP-M502MX Plasma TV's, and the Sony CX777ES DVD changer all hooked to a RocketPort Serial HUB.

The Serial HUB connects to ethernet, and the serial ports map a PC on my local network with the comtrol driver installed. The just show up as COM3-COM10.

The Denon 5803, and the Plasma TV are controled via MLRS232Send commands right now. The Denon has a great easy to use protocol that's all ascii. There protocol supports two-way communication for getting current mode, volume, tuner freq/preset, etc from the 5803.

I'm working on a dedicated Plug-in for MLServer that will enable the two-way commincations with the Denon when Mainlobby support is added.

The Pioneer Plasma is also being controled via the MLRS232Send plugin. It is a hexidecimal protocol, and is a little more difficult to get going.

If anyone needs sample commands for these devices, let me know.

The Sony CX777ES protocol has to have a checksum on each packet, so a MLServer plugin is required for anything interesting. I have written MLServer plugin for the CX777ES that seems to work well. It does not support any of the two-way functions of the DVD player yet. If anyone else is interested in testing it, please let me know.

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Fri Jan 16, 2004 3:14 pm

Pictures, we want pictures! 8)

Great to hear that you're working on MLServer plugins for serial communication with those common devices. I'm currently controlling my Panny plasma and an Anthem AVM-2 with the serial plugin for Girder. I have not migrated over to MLServer yet because I am waiting on the plugin for the USB-UIRT. Given that I need to use both serial and IR commands to control my HT equipment, it just makes sense to keep most of the macro logic in Girder.

I do use MLServer commands to "bounce" commands from other PCs to the HTPC running Girder, and I'll eventually program my ProGear touchscreen to control ML on the HTPC.

Your setup sounds great -- do share some pics.

- Ken

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