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Geovision snapshots and sequencer

Fri Feb 18, 2011 8:10 am

Can someone explain:
1. Snapshots: my scene (0030) is already configured to see the camera feed (jpgs) on load. MLipcamera has all the camera listed, and the update on load is checked and set to 1 second. I don't ever see the Jpgs change, always the same static picture. Shouldn't I see all of these change?

2.Sequencer: Can someone explain how this is used. I know what a sequencer does, but forgive me it's not apparent how to utilize this and how it interacts in a scene.

3.It seems if I put a live feed on a scene, it is always the top layer and messes with pop-up menu's (like on 0030) that actually are under the feeds. Is this a limitation, or is there a trick to this I am missing.


BTW: I am using the GV 1408 and use the first 8 as real cameras, and the second 8 (4 right now) to get the feeds from my dvd player, and cable boxes to I can show what is playing on tv's around the house. Pretty cool! Still working on the audio feed


Re: Geovision snapshots and sequencer

Fri Feb 18, 2011 10:40 am

Hi Art,

1. You probably need to modify your Internet Explorer settings and turn off caching. Then restart MainLobby.
2. The idea behind this was that you could transition between cameras on the same page in the same space.
3. That is correct. ActiveX objects will always be on top of MainLobby objects. That's just the nature of ActiveX objects. You could get tricky and force the live feed window to be hidden when you open any pop-up menus.

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