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Geovision herringbone distortion

Mon Jan 04, 2010 7:09 pm

I am trying to use the composite output from my cable TV tuner and various HTPCs as an input for my Geovision 1480 surveillance card. The reason for doing this is I can easily build a MLS screens with full motion video.

Unfortunately, the video quality generated by my Geovision GV 1480 suffers from severe herringbone distortion when using the output from the HTPC. I have tried several different PC video cards as an input to the Geovision GV 1480 all generated severe herringbone distortion. Additionally, I have replaced cables, and tried different PCs etc - Always with same result.
The problem appears isolated to the Geovision card as the picture generated by HTPC looks very clean when directly connected to a monitor. Also inputs from surveillance cameras and cable TV tuners look fine.

:?: Has anyone successfully hooked a PC composite output into the GE vision. If so what video card did you use?


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