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Full Screen on 2nd monitor question

Sun Mar 27, 2011 2:39 pm

I am still having problems with the TMT5 program/plugin..

I have upgraded to have the following working via the HTML plugins for IPAD.
2 BDPCX7000es changers with appropriate IP controller plugin
Arcsoft TMT5 plus the client plugin

I tried originally to use the default play command that uses the index under the bmdv folder of a ripped BluRay...This was not working well only one or two titles would play.. The rest would launch tmt5 and play the background menu music but displayed no video at all. I could see something happen if I clicked on the task bar icon like it was zooming to full screen or windowed mode but nothing would restore the video.
At this point I reprocessed my rips to ISO images... and changed the DVDLOBBY locations etc. This looked like it was working better but I was still getting mupliple movies that would not display the video just the menu audio.
I changed the TMT5 client plugin to choose the MEDIA CENTER version and now all movies will come up but now I am trying to get them to play not on my LCD PC monitor but on my Plasma which is attached via the Yamaha RX-A2000.. The movie command switches the HDMI input ok but I can't seem to force the program to play on the big monitor. If I drag it over it works and looks great. It appears that the TMT5 media center version actually is stand alone and does not force media center to start. I tried also a program called THE MAXIMIZER suggested at greenbutton forum but since the TMT5 media center version is actually not running media center it does not seem to work either. Any suggestions on how to force the player to full screen. If I start up media center before starting the movie it still plays on lcd but the media center screen is on plasma at the arcsoft play screen..

Also I realize this is not likely an issue on the cinemar side of things just posting here hoping someone has solved this already.

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