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A question or two

Sun Nov 15, 2009 10:36 am

Well I am finally setting up my system to do DVD's. I seem to always get mine done after my customers.

A question or two;

I like the 2 way support that is provided via TT, but do not like that TT does not, and apparently will not support HD or Blu-Ray for some time to come. They just are not interested due to licensing cost.

So that leaves us currently with either ArcSoftTMT or PowerDVD, both currently with only one way support with DVD Lobby.

Am I correct in the above two statements?

It seems that most of the boards out there indicate that more are happy with ArcSoft than PowerDVD, but most of those opinions are combined with with frustrations with Vista MCE, My Movies 2.46, and Daemon Tools.

This whole thing is not confusing at all! Maybe I go look at a hardware HD/Blu-Ray changer and be done with all this for now!! I am just trying to save the $1,800. :x

Dave Bruner

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