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First impressions...

Wed Oct 18, 2006 12:25 pm

MLNetCallerID v3.0.3 is pretty stright forward and intuitive. No real gripes there. Except how long are supplies going to last on this product? Very disconcerting that you can only find it at one reseller, they seem to be some kind of bargain outlet that is raising the price as supplies go down. The original manufacturer seems to have been out of business for some time. No whois info on the domain. It just makes me nervous.

MLCallerID v 3.0.156

Documentation? It's not in the Docs folder on MLServer. I thought you standardized this?? Every released piece of SW should have full docs or not be released. Just my humble opinion.

I'd have to echo the sentiment that the Comm Setting should have a place to select NetCallerID. This is especially true if you already had a com port selected and then went to NetCallerID. Ther is no way to unselect the port. Just very confusing at first.

The Power On thing is really annoying. Needs to be fixed. I don't really understand why one would want it off??? I think having a MLServe command to turn it on and off would be a better option if you did need control. We need to stay away from having to maintain things from inside the server.

Can't edit alias entries. It will always go to the first entry when you hit edit, even if you select a different entry.

OK button does not close dialog. You have to click OK and give it an oportunity to save any changes, then click cancel to close the dialog box. This is very non standard as far as UIs go.

Due to the lack of documentation mentioned above, I am unsure how to achieve the same functionality I had before with the old CallerID which is to say how do I indicate an incoming call.

I suppose I'd make the default MLServe command jump to a callerID scene, and show the call coming in, but having some "typical" examples would be really helpful here. The 0019 scenes just don't cut it. Lot's of assumptions made about configuration that is not in place out of the box. Some things I still can't figure out how to get them to work like the caller scrolling or address book function listed on the sample scenes.

Phone # format should auto convert to some type of standard.

Looking for a way to add alias entries based on call log, I don't see it.

Also looking for a way to differentiate between incoming calls and missed calls. I think this should work like a cell phone in this respect. When the phone is ringing a call status varialbe says incoming, otherwise it says missed until you clear the calls then it says nothing.

That's about it.


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