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MLNetCallerID Variables

Sun Aug 02, 2009 10:53 am

Well I finally had the time to set up the Digital Clock scene as my screen saver. That part is going well. I modified the scene to add some features and this is where NetCallerID comes in. I noticed that when Mario did the scene, there is a "VoiceMail" indicator tied to a NetCalledID variable. Then I dug in to locate that variable and noticed that all of the NetCallerID variables are blank. Should they be? I checked the WIKI and got nowhere.

Versions: MLCallerID 3.0.229
NetCallerID 3.0.25

My callerID works fine and has for years. NetCallerID is connected to my device and everything gets populated in MLCallerID. Is the intent to also have variables populated in NetCallerID, or is the intent to populate only the variables in MLCallerID? Why two modules rather than one?

I know there is not a bunch of interest in this one since you can no longer get the NetCallerID boxes, but I thought I would ask.
Dave Bruner

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